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  • Because the price is the same. You don't pay us, you pay the local heliskiing operators, no mark-up (we're not a travel agency). Sometimes we can assist with getting discounted pricing
  • We know all these places really well, we've been to them several times.
  • Furthermore we are skiers and are accomplished rigid skiers, telemark and snowboard techniques, this enables us to understand the needs and requirements of all 3 disciplines.
  • We offer free advice, from destination choice to all reservation details.
  • Moreover for every destination we partner with the best operators, the safest and most modern. Those that offer the highest value for money, not those who live off historical "good old times" and alleged reputation...
sergioSERGIO:Former engineer with a double identity.
Serious automotive manager in the day, smiling agent for worldwide heliskiing in his spare time... (and an avid telemark/snowboard freerider when time and weather allow).
Fluent in 4 different languages, unfortunately sometimes all 4 at the same time. After an awesome heliskiing day in New Zealand back in 1994 he decided to contact all Canadian and Alaskan heliski operations and visit them in the 1995 fall and this is how Blade Runner Adventures was born.
Favourite quote: "Angels fly taking themselves lightly"

claudiaCLAUDIA:Blonde "quick change artist" / Philosopher / Advertising Manager / Rider / Mum / Telemarker.
Dragged by Sergio, she ski bummed the entire world on a chopper with telemark kit like no other Italian woman. Bewitched by Alaska but always rejected by volcanos. The "voice of wisdom" for all our female clients.
Especially for those aprehensive ladies, which have been dragged along by their adventorous partners in engage in this liberating sport.
Favourite quote: "If I have to get on my knees it's got to be a high mountain".
Old Maori saying