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"Every year We heliskiing in Canada with the same operator, the most famous one. They operate on the most beautiful and steep mountain range, with the best forest skiing.
We could not imagine anything better"

You may be satisfied with your current provider.
We can demonstrate we are better in several ways.
Our top operations don't pack 33 guests into the same area in 11 seat choppers.
Ours are modern A-Star aircarft with 5 seats , this allows for 3 groups of 5, leaving no more than 15 tracks. In addition our lodges are much newer because it's easier to pursue excellence on one lodge rather than 10 ageing lodges.
When we talk about beautiful mountains in our opinion these are are not in Canada but in Alaska and anyway northern British Columbia blend a sort of "last frontier" atmosphere with epic Canadian tree skiing.
We don't challenge the quote "they are the most famous", but don't forget harcking over past successes is typical of many market leaders.
Based on key numbers, our top partner operators have exclusive access to the largest areas more.
A 5 seater heli + wide open space which is exclusively yours, consider the sheer variety of options and the speed to reach them. One final point to consider without reading all the information above is: those who have switched to us have never gone back to their former operator. Guess why...

"I speak fluent English so I see no reason to book through an Italian agent. I do it myself so I spend less."

No way!. Our service is free of charge, we're neither a tour operator nor an agency. The prices listed on our webiste are EXACTLY the same as you can find on our partners' websites.
Booking through us could qualify you for some special deal only available to agents.
We don't see any reason to reject such a full and free of charge service.

"In Alaska the weather is so bad you can hardly fly."

Only partly true.
In Canada the weather is similar, but in Alaska there are fewer trees, because of this helicopters have difficulty in navigating and finding way points or beacons, which enables them to find safe landing areas,this means during poor weather there is a risk of no flights at all. In Canada there are plenty of landing areas, just over the tree line with good visibility allowing the pilots to set down safely, after a day of heavy snowfall with great visibility, the day transforms itself into a day of epic tree skiing in virgin powder snow.

"Canada doesn't have steep terrain"

For sure Canadian heliskiing operations don't prioritize the extremely steep terrain (with the obvious potential dangers), but that doesn't mean there are no steep runs. The guests are grouped by ability allows for small groups of "die hard" skiers to enjoy very challenging steep terrain in Canada as well.
Try to believe "Rippin' at Ripley" Last Frontier program on the Skeena range of Northern British Columbia, close to Alaskan Yukon Borders.

"You need to be young and extremely fit and trained to go heliskiing"

Another legend. For sure it is not advisable to arrive for a heliskiing week totally unfit, but it's not necessary to be a triathelete hero...
A good level of powder skiing ability is a given, but then grouping by strenght level allows anybody to ski/snowboard at their own pace. Concerning the age dilemma, please note that the average among our customers is around 45...

"If I get a bad weather week I throw away a huge amount of money"

Bad luck and weather must be taken into account, but in addition to the chance of skiing while snowing in epic tree terrain you normally find in Canada, there is a substuntial amount of reimbursement for vertical not skied.
In Alaska this danger is greater because of the lack of tree skiing but our main partner, Chugach Powder Guides, has 2 back up options available, being those catskiing and resort skiing, plus the possibility to buy a "flex" package at the time of booking that will guarantee the saving of the vertical not skied for next season.